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Medicine Centre Pharmacists take the time to listen

Welcome to Medicine Centre Langley

The Medicine Centre is a group of independent, community-oriented pharmacists serving BC, Alberta and The Yukon. Although each Medicine Centre is independently owned, we all work together. We share best practices, and learn the services and support each of our communities need most, so that like a good neighbour, we can be there for you when you need us.

In 2005, Pinder began working at Langley Medicine Centre side by side by then owner Ken McLay. He immediatley found his passion in pharmacy restored. Langley Medicine Centre offered personalized service to clients in a timely manner. He had time to speak to customers and address any concerns or questions they had. Pinder prides himself on getting to know his clients on a first name basis. He operates his pharmacy in the same manner as Ken, taking an extremely personable and holistic approach to his profession –and he follows his example.”

Mann, whose store is situated in a busy strip mall, adds, “’my customers are my friends, and no matter who drops by, my intent is to see them leave with the most appropriate medications – and information.”

Is Langley Medicine Centre different from other Pharmacies?

In a word, yes. Medicine Centre Pharmacists take the time to listen before speaking, and take even more time to understand you and your family; to know your history and to help you plan for the future. With doctors spending less and less time with patients, your pharmacist can be a great resource in understanding your family’s medical needs. You can expect great customer service while receiving your prescriptions in a timely manner! We offer Hormone Replacement Therapies (HRT), Pain Management, and specialty Compounding Therapies.

Medicine Centre Pharmacies do not sell tobacco products; rather, we spend our time helping educate our individual communities on health matters close to home. We believe healthy informed people make healthy informed communities. That’s what being an independent pharmacist means to us: it means putting people before business, community before commerce, and healthy neighbours before healthy profits.

Come on over to the Medicine Centre and meet our people, and discover what a great neighbour can do for you and your family!

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